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May 10, 2016

Artist Rokudenashiko Found Not-Guilty On One Charge; Fined In Relation To Another

There are write-ups on yesterday's legal decision concerning the artist Rokudenashiko in a variety of places: the New York Post, Robert Boyd's blog, Tokyo Reporter.

The decision came in Tokyo District Court, judge Mihoko Tanabe presiding. The artist, legal name Megumi Igarashi, faced obscenity charges for a plaster cast of her vagina sold in an adult shop between 2013 and 2014, and the digital distribution of 3D image data to supporters of an art project.

The decision that the plaster cast work was not obscenity spoke directly to the political discussion around Rokudenashiko's work that there was an egregious double-standard regarding art that represented vaginas as opposed to those that made use of phallic imagery.

The monetary fee for the digital distribution charge was half of what the prosecutors asked for; the fact that the artist was found guilty of anything at all still seems ludicrous to me. The final fine was 400,000 yen.

Much of this struggle is detailed in the new Koyama Press book, What Is Obscenity? One hopes that the artist is able to travel in its support.
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