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October 19, 2005

Artist’s Books Pulled for Plagiarism

imageUp top at (meaning the October 19th entry) is an entry on Kodansha pulling Yuki Suetsugu's manga from the shelves and ending her current serialization because of fanboard-generated accusations that she plagiarized a great number of scenes from other, popular manga. They have it pretty well sourced out over there, and I get lost when the pages turns to Japanese, so you can dig around there if you want for further links. What I don't know about Japanese publishing could fill the space in that part of Arizona where it looks like God has pressed down on the world with the heel of his hand, but I wasn't aware that copying was treated in this fashion. In North America, copying of what I believe to be this sort just means you can't win lawsuits with people who call you on it, and that occasionally people on North American message boards will tell other people to stop bringing it up.

a Suetsugo book
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