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April 9, 2016

Assembled Extra: Outhousers Announce Launch Of Alternative Free Comics Day With Devoted Web Site

imageHere's the PR from the news and commentary site The Outhousers about their providing a digital platform for free comics distribution on-line, targeting those publishers unable to participate in the Direct Markets tiered, structured, curated Free Comic Book Day promotion. They're calling theirs "Alternative Free Comics Day."

The site itself is here. Although the lack of clarity as to the mechanism for inclusion in the FCBD strikes me as silly -- it's potentially harmful and brings little to no positive gain -- I actually have no problem with either the notion of Direct Market institutions limiting participation in some of their programs or people providing an alternative. If you're not participating in the comic shop program and have a book you'd like to be seen for free, I can't imagine it hurting to get that work these extra eyeballs. It might help. It might be key. In fact, some of the barriers to participation in the brick-and-mortar event involve sunk costs in terms of both the effort involved and what the stores pay, and this barely has the first and doesn't have the second.
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