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June 30, 2015

Assembled Extra: Strangers In Paradise Joins Thrillbent

imageThe writer and digital publisher Mark Waid announced earlier today that digital versions of Terry Moore's foundational self-publishing work Strangers In Paradise will be added to the Thrillbent site that he and John Rogers own. I think that could end up being a great get, and that the work sounds like it will be employed in a way that flatters the comic and the site. If you value Moore's work in a way you'd like to read it digitally, weekly issues accelerates the value for a monthly subscription to the site. There is also a significant audience that might want to read the work beginning to end this way that missed out on it first time around and finds a commitment to paper daunting. A lot of the values of Moore's work are values that have come to define a lot of work that's come since.

I greatly look forward to seeing what happens, and I root for Thrillbent generally to find its readership. What we don't know is things like the number of people who feel that way about SiP as they intersect with Thrillbent's potential readers. I like the move a ton, though, and I think that's a great way to make use of existing content.
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