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July 4, 2019

Assembled Extra: The Beat Offers A Redesign

You can see it for yourself.

I think this makes CR the standard-bearer for the oldest design on the comics-commentary map and all that goes with that; I'm still running Expression Engine 1.0. I'm sure there will be a global incident of some sort that will force me into reconsidering this strategy, but maybe not until then.

If I'm understanding the thinking, I guess the redesign sorts the article on a basis that's not just chronological order, and that this kind of sorting is common now although it's a still a popular option. I have no idea -- I know that not getting a straight sort on the google searches without tweaking them can be annoying, but sites seem to benefit by weighted roll-outs: keep your MAD Magazine article up top until interest fades rather than just newer articles showing up.

The reason to do a redesign these days isn't for the site interface, anyway. It's for the phones, of course. I'm sure this new design works fantastically -- or at least functionally -- for that purpose. My own 15-year is coming up this October -- CR launched the day Christopher Reeve died -- but my problems are content not delivery or design. Well, the bigger problems, anyway.
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