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January 12, 2017

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital


By Tom Spurgeon

image* our best wishes to Mark Johnson, who will be stepping away from his on-line column on behalf of King Features that focused on material from their deep, rich archives. I hope someone will step up and take that on. (Link from the great Andy Mansell.)

* Robert Boyd has begun on-line serialization of Scott Gilbert's Mysterioso.

* Maggie Vicknair on Knights Errant -- Imperfect Strangers and Sakana.

* in addition to Vicknair's articles, it looks like The Beat will be doing profiles of comics available for free on-line. A solid survey series could be really useful right now for traditional comics fans of the kind that tend to lose touch with what people are reading webcomics-wise right now.

* Jen Contino talks to Steve Conley.

* finally, I will hopefully have had a "go, look" up before this column rolls out, but longtime comics-Internet presence Nick Mullins has revamped his Nijomu site to better show off comics work done on-line.
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