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June 18, 2015

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

By Tom Spurgeon

image* Matt Bors announces the first major permutation of the revamped The Nib: The Response, a collective of cartoonists of color discussing "race, class, gender and culture." That sounds like it could be really good. There are three Rachel Dolezal strips up as I write this, all from cartoonists I enjoy reading.

* someone sent me here, which indicates that Dave Kellett will be doing some shared universe stuff with people contributing to stories set in the same milieu as his Drive comic. I'm surprised there isn't a bit more of that, although maybe I'm just not seeing it.

* Lauren Davis recommends The Seven Deaths Of The Empress.

* finally, there's apparently an online English translation of Esther Verkest, a decade plus strip in Belgium and the Netherlands.
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