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August 25, 2016

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

By Tom Spurgeon

image* Maggie Vicknair on Unsounded.

* it should probably be mentioned that the closing of Robot 6 is part of a bigger presentational shake-up at CBR that likely bears watching. As I write this (Thursday late afternoon) they're getting pounded a bit for a headline style that doesn't allow for publication of everything in the headlines, which isn't a great look. I assume they'll rally. It reminds me of the changeover when everything got made to look like it needs to to maximize reading on phones, which is the direction of on-line content more generally. I think comics and on-like culture share a faith in new delivery systems that doesn't always match up to the reality of new delivery systems, with comics generally more tethered than it needs to be as a counterweight to those arguments. The moderately old ways always suffer as a result. I've thought this since the market seemed to be in such a hurry to get rid of alt-comics customers back in the '00s. I'll miss the blog format for the material Robot 6 was doing, but god help any digital strategy that has my consumption at the point of its spear.

* here are a few people paying tribute to Robot 6: Caleb Goellner, Chris Butcher, Chris Pitzer, Scott Kurtz. The reason this doesn't feel like a bigger deal is because nothing is a big deal right now; the comics industry is numb from the jawline down.

* finally, speaking of Scott Kurtz, PVP has started a storyline revolving around Jim Davis and Garfield. Okay, that's not really hard news, but I'm from Muncie, and someone who catches up with PVP in big gulps, so I noticed it. BTW, the cider thing is a real thing.
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