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October 31, 2019

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

By Tom Spurgeon

* we are one week into the launch of an official Homestuck sequel relaunch. Here's a reaction and here's another reaction.

* online publication The MNT is suspending publication. According to the newsletter:
The MNT will be wrapping up at the end of November, and will no longer be posting on the website moving forward. Firstly: thank you all for your support across the last three years. You've allowed us to pay comic critics to write about comics honestly, openly, and independently, and that's a huge deal. We've been thrilled to be able to operate in a way which lets critics say what they want to say, rather than what the comics industry wants to hear them say. It's been a massive success, in basically every way, and running the MNT has been a complete joy. That said? It's time to close doors for now.

I'm not saying those doors *won't* get kicked right back open in the New Year.
I liked that model and I think there may still be some life to it, so let's hope there's something to that final line. Congrats to those involved on their run.

* this is either a slightly late list of Halloween-related webcomics for 2019 or a really early one for 2020.

* I sometimes lose track of things, but it looks like we're still waiting on finding out what the new promised era of The Far Side will entail, which to me indicates new material is on the table because I can't think of this long a decision about simply repackaging old material.

* finally: here's a Korean business start-up that works the public relations field with a webcomic as one of its core offerings.
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