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August 20, 2015

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital


By Tom Spurgeon

* I think we all know this is probably the worst column on the site, but I'm keeping it going because at some point I want to have a firmer sense of how I read and process webcomics. Like it's a wonderful thing to have 107 pages of Drew Weing up where I can read them during a bored day at work, and it's nice to know with comiXology that if a comic ever blows up on the retail level -- like Captain America getting shot -- I can get my hands on that comic in some form. But I'm not sure those things and the other reasons I read webcomics have found their proper place in the context of my wider comics reading and I'm not sure why. So this continues.

* Ivan Salazar sent out a piece of comiXology PR that states that they've renewed and expanded their distribution arrangement with Fantagraphics. Here's the PW story. This include the venerable alt-publisher's debut with the Kindle Store at about the size of 300 books making their debut. It makes sense to me that everyone be on as many platforms as will flatter the work and take them on, so I see this as a good thing without being able to give you any real analysis on number like 300 books. I guess it's better than 200 books.

* Mey talks to Sarah Graley. Maddie Myers talks to Jackie Gusto.

* finally, I liked these backyard panels in The Last Saturday's most recent installment.

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