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November 23, 2004

Award to Manu Larcenet

imageIf I'm reading this correctly, the cartoonist Manu Larcenet and his book Le Combat Ordinaire 2 were cited by some sort of ecumenical council that juries an award for comic albums, even the hint of an ecumenical group giving out awards to comics being example 2463 in the long proving line of "How comics are different in Europe." It looks like a few other albums may have been singled out as well, although I'm less clear on those. For some reason, it's easier for me to read these things without the computer translation, although some of you might have more luck with the appropriate keystroke.

Larcenet may be familiar to North America comics audiences as the artist on NBM's Astronauts of the Future, with Lewis Trondheim writing.

Speaking of things I can't read but sound interesting, I believe afNews was telling me today that I can download and issue of an Argentine Comics Magazine by going here.
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