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November 11, 2004

Awards Sharing Name With Proud, Endangered Bird Salute Art Form Equivalent

The venerable British-based comics industry Eagle Awards announced their winners via a press release yesterday. Results were to be released in conjunction with an event called Comic Expo in Bristol last Friday, the 5th. Organizers were aggressive about soliciting votes this year as opposed to years past, and claim to have received well over 10,000.

The Eagle Awards are probably best known by American comics fans of a certain age for the appearance of some version of their swank logo on covers of late 1970s Uncanny X-Men comic books. As most comic book readers of that time had little in the way of social contact with comics readers outside of their immediate circle of friends, the Awards were an indication that the book was well-received and that there were people out there who cared about that kind of thing.
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