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November 1, 2004

Bagge: No Incorrigible Hulk?

imageLate in the body of cartoonist Peter Bagge's Halloween weekend press release comes this nugget about the potential fate of his comedic one-shot on Marvel Enterprises' green-skinned superhero:
"My Marvel HULK one shot comic, which based on the total non-response I've been getting from The House of Ideas lately tells me it will NEVER appear. SOB!"

Speculation about the project's delay had been tied into Marvel protecting a certain view of he character given recent movie and licensing efforts, but the book was largely believed to be published at some future date. Marvel recently announced a sequel to the somber box office disappointment Hulk movie, and many comics industry believe the comics books may be generally put more into line with the versions of the characters that appear in Marvel's movies.

Bagge's other forthcoming projects include a short for Tom Strong and a new Hate Annual.
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