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November 1, 2012

BCGF Organizers See Next Weekend’s Show As Unimpeded

It's always a bit odd to negotiate practical comics news in and around tragic circumstances, and enough people died or were similarly put into significant hardship that the super-storm Sandy certainly qualifies. I have, however, received a few e-mails about possible delays or other hassles regarding next weekend's Brooklyn Comics And Graphics Festival. Given what almost seems a complete disconnect between the news we're getting in places outside of New York and what's actually going on there, I thought it worth passing along the query.

I sent e-mail to BCGF organizers Dan Nadel, Gabe Fowler and Bill Kartalopoulos. They all said basically the same thing, but Kartalopoulos had the lengthiest response, so I'll include it here:
"I don't see a significant impact. In many ways, we were very lucky, both personally and in terms of the Festival. The Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, where most of the Festival events are located, did not see any flooding near Festival venues that I'm aware of and local utilities were not seriously interrupted by the hurricane, with the major exception, of course, being the lack of subway service (which will be coming back in fits and starts over the coming days; how quickly we'll be back up to speed nobody knows right now). Hopefully most current delays in travel and shipping will have been absorbed by next week, but there could be some small ripple effect there as people try to quickly move people and books around the country (and internationally) over the next several days. We'll see."
All three organizers are upbeat and say they look forward to a positive weekend after several days of negativity.
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