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November 29, 2006

BD Awards Season Swings Into Full Gear


* reports on another of the major awards of the season, that Le Grand Prix RTL has gone to Christophe Chaboute for his serial killer story Henri Desire Landru. Other books up for the award were:

* Le Retour a la Terre Vol. 4, by Par Ferri and Larcenet (Dargaud)
* Le Combat ordinaire Vol. 3, by Larcenet (Dargaud)
* Les Petits Ruisseaux, by Pascal Rabate (Futuropolis)
* Messire Guillaume, by Gwen de Bonneval and Mathieu Bonhomme (Dupuis)
* Un homme est mort, by Kris and Etienne Davodeau (Futuropolis)
* H. H. Holmes Vol. 1, by Par Fabuel and Le Henanff (Glenat)
* Erminio Le Milanais, by Behe, Laprun, and Surcouf (Vents d'Ouest)

Organized in coordination with the Angouleme Festival and Les Centres Leclerc, Le Grand Prix RTL is, as I understand it, a booksellers' award.

Picture through the link, accompanied by a lot of text talking about how shy Chaboute is.



* L'Association des Critiques et Journalistes de Bandes Dessinees, (ACBD) has awarded its Grand Prix 2007 de la Critique to Pascal Rabate's Les petits ruisseaux. Rabate apparently also won in 1998.

The other nominees were:

* Pourquoi J'ai Tue Pierre?, Alfred and Olivier Ka (Delcourt)
* Le Photographe V3, Emmanuel Guibert and Didier Lefevre (Dupuis)
* Abdallahi V1: Dans l'Intimite Des Terres, Jean-Denis Pendanx and Christophe Dabitch (Futuropolis)
* Lucille, Ludovic Debeurme (Futuropolis)

Go here for an interesting, bi-lingual exchange between nominee Ludovic Debeurme and Bart Beaty about Debeurme's book Lucille.
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