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November 12, 2017

Berganza Story Receives National Attention; DC Suspends Longtime Editor; “Prompt Yet Careful Review”

DC sent an e-mail out over the weekend announcing the suspension of Group Editor Eddie Berganza, against whom repeated sexual harassment claims were the subject of a lengthy article at Buzzfeed that dropped last Friday. The story has led to several contextual and mirror stories; Berganza's photo was included in an array of accused harassers appearing on the cover of the New York Daily News.

I think there are multiple issues for DC to explore and because of that I don't mind them taking a bit of time -- a bit! -- to get the best information they can and make proper decisions. This includes Berganza's case for continued employment or immediate firing in and of itself, but should also encompass any additional stories that may come forward outside or inside the company now that a piece has been published, why any new information wasn't known, if Berganza's case was handled as fairly as the course selected by DC management allowed, whether that course was anywhere near adequate to the situation that presented itself to management, and how things must be adjusted moving forward. So in that way I hope we get a modest sprawl of changes and announcements over a few weeks rather than one thing immediately. Still more likely we get one thing immediately, but one can hope.

I also hope that all other companies big enough for a harassment policy are putting those policies under review.

As I shut down the computer typing this (Sunday night, 8:54 PM ET), there are already rumors that Berganza has been fired. I'll jump on and change the headline or write an update or something if that's true when I wake up. I do fervently hope that DC -- and others -- review policy, as that seems to me a completely different sent of issues than this one employee keeping or losing their job. The seeming lack of sensible, tiered reaction could be culture, that could be structural; it's likely both.
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