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December 6, 2006

Bill Amend Talks to Editor & Publisher About Taking FoxTrot Sunday-Only

There's a nice piece up at E&P where cartoonist Bill Amend lays out the basic thinking process behind taking his popular FoxTrot to Sundays-only, ending the dailies run and costing him at the very least the significant number of his four-figure client number that represent purchases of the dailies package. Basically, he has reached a point he was contractually able to do so and writing the dailies was a too-big portion of a 60-hour work week. The time he'll get back he plans to spend on family and other projects. Amend plans nothing different with the Sunday version, which is interesting to me in that the Sunday always seemed to assume a knowledge of the characters best garnered through the dailies.

I've heard from about a half-dozen strip people on the surprise announcement, four of whom mentioned that they think the big beneficiary in terms of picking up clients may be Mark Tutulli's Lio. It looks like Universal Press Syndicate may push Stone Soup.
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