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October 29, 2004

Blah Blah Blah

On a typically slow Friday morning, we turn your attention to creator-driven talk at various places around the Internet.

imageJaime Hernandez gave a rare interview recently to Mark Frauenfelder at Graphic Novel Review on the occasion of his beautiful and massive Locas collection. Hernandez talks about various storytelling strategies, his relationship with his publisher, having a kid, and the fact that this timeline of his stories is "pretty much dead-on," emphasis on "pretty much."

* Comics writers Joe Casey and Matt Fraction do the usual back-and-forth in this week's edition of their Comic Book Resources' column, The Basement Tapes. The adopted, shared voice might be hard to manage at times, but there's usually a digression or two worth rooting out even if you don't follow certain kinds of comics and sometimes the subtext can be fascinating -- what I got out of this one is that the pressure a mainstream comics writer feels right now isn't correction or replacement, but outright cancellation.

* Evan Dorkin occasionally writes very amusing, sometimes slightly angry first-person reviews of comics in his on-line journal.

* Chris Polkki, who edits the Fantagraphics anthology Blood Orange, jumped on The Comics Journal's Message Board to announce his plans for future issues, which include a number of international talents. The first few issues of Blood Orange read like Polkki hadn't really expected to receive a publishing contract, so a recalibration seems in order.
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