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November 5, 2004

Blah Blah Blah

A Friday round-up of interviews on what is very early-on a pretty dull showing for comics-related news:

image"There are a lot of people who draw and draw very well but don't want to do it to make a living." -- Mainstream comics legend Joe Kubert, interviewed by Robert Faires (art from Yossel pictured)

"Twice I've had guns aimed at me, point blank, as in shoved against my temple, in anger, where I was sure I was going to die." -- Comics writer Christopher Priest, interviewed by Joe Casey

"Mr. McGruder is actually a cabal of leftist professors in Berkeley, Calif., working with a hired artist." -- Strip cartoonist Berkeley Breathed interviewed by Steve Greenlee

"It was like I was Elvis Presley's illegitimate son." -- Editorial and strip cartoonist Doug Marlette interviewed by Jim Schlosser
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