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November 12, 2004

Blah Blah Blah

Pontificating and other comics-related speech of note to be found lurking on-line.

"The sixteen-panel grid is a pig to work. I've stayed clear of it. It's a scary-looking bugger." -- Warren Ellis talks about panel grids.

image"Je ne voudrais pas que mes livres s'adressent a une seule communaute." -- Ben Katchor Interview, which is older, and in French, and probably everyone has seen it but me, but I don't think of Katchor as a chatty fellow and I like looking at his art.

"I think really engaging entertainment, entertainment that grabs you by the entrails, instructs." -- Gene Yang to Al Schroeder about entertaining/instructing, print/web, and other dichotomies.

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