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November 19, 2004

Blah Blah Blah

"I would like to see all my stories be published. I'd like to see me work on more serious stories. I'd like to see my comics made into major motion pictures. I'd like to see thousands upon thousands of adoring fans line up for my next project. I'd like to see young beautiful girls with oversized, supple yet firm breasts wearing those low rider jeans so you can see their little bellies offer me sexual favors." -- Cartoonist Tony Consiglio to Jeff Zwirek on his goals.

"Now, I'm not sure. I'm not sure if I got $7 a page or $10. Most likely it was $7 a page. And it went up to ten. I'm not sure. Pencils lettering boxes, everything, from beginning to end." -- Harry Lampert, co-creator of the Flash, to Mark Evanier on his pay for that assignment in a tape of a 2000 convention panel made available by Mike Catron (don't hold me to that exact transcription).

image"As with other creative professions, there are a thousand would-be cartoonists for every working cartoonist, but editors can see how good a cartoon is at a glance, while a producer or editor has to invest a good deal of time deciding whether a performing artist or writer is right for the job. Everyone is willing to glance at a few cartoons and judge them instantly. So, if a cartoonist is good, it is easy for him to break in. If a cartoonist is bad, he won't fool anybody into hiring him and will complain about how hard it is to break in." -- Editorial Cartoonist Daryl Cagle to Noah Hoffenberg on breaking in.

"You mean like 'Dysfunctional Family Circus?' I don't mind them at all. I like the fact that they think it's worthwhile to lampoon. It's sort of flattering." -- Family Circus creator Bil Keane to Jennifer Garza on being parodied.

"It's interesting, I'm working on a graphic novel right now based on The Baby-sitters Club series, by Ann M. Martin. I've just re-read a bunch of the books, and in doing so I realized just how much I had been influenced by her writing, as far as the way I develop and describe characters, the way I write action, the way I write dialogue." -- Cartoonist and Scholastic Books signee Raina Telgemeier to Comixpedia on her influences.
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