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January 27, 2005

Blah Blah Blah

image"There's no change in how we're planning to feed demand to our core market. We want to sell as many comics as we can to as many people as possible. The only aspect that might change is that, as we're doing these things, I'll have the benefit of Stephanie's broader expertise."

-- Bob Wayne in an extremely odd interview with Bob Wayne and Stephanie Fierman by Cliff Biggers for Newsarama. Why odd? The interview was Fierman's first in her new position as Senior VP, Sales & Marketing; her hiring was the impetus for the interview. Her newbie status is what one would imagine is the reason for the veteran Wayne's inclusion, although the DM-focused Wayne's counterpart in Book Trade sales and marketing, Rich Johnson, is absent. But then the questions that follow really aren't DM-focused to the extent you'd think; nor are they complicated in terms of background or detail: Wayne answers most of them anyway. Weird.

image"I saw Charles Burns at a convention a year ago and he told me he enjoyed the parody I did. I don't know if he was lying, but he claimed to like it."

-- Cartoonist Johnny Ryan on reaction to his over the top alt-comics parodies to Coury Turczyn at in the midst of a very thoughtful interview that includes a discussion of Ryan's attempt post-college to become a serious modern fiction writer.

image"From a profitability point of view, about 20%, 15-20% of our earnings come from the comic book business."

-- Another round of a Motley Fool interview with Marvel Vice-Chairman Peter Cuneo, which briefly runs the risk of getting a bit deeper than usual into the publishing business until the interviewer whips it back on track and onto more movie talk.
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