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November 1, 2004

Brian Bendis, Michael Gaydos, and Michel Rabagliati Among Prize Winners at European Festivals

Two noteworthy European comics festivals concluded their 2004 editions by handing out their awards over the weekend. This year's lists included prizes to several names and works familiar to North American audience: Drawn and Quarterly's Michel Rabagliati, Marvel's Alias team of Brain Bendis and Michael Gaydos, and Joann Sfar.

Rather than wait for the English press releases like a sensible person, here's the best I can make out by staring at the words on various sites for a really long time and repeating them to myself with an accent. I blame American isolationism and my public school education for any mistakes.

Lucca Comics & Games 2004 (Comics Awards Only)

imageLucca Comics menzione speciale per un'iniziativa editoriale meritoria (a special award for "Publishing Initiative"): Scuola di Fumetto, Edita da Francesco Coniglio Editore; Alta Fedelta, Edita da edizioni BD

Gran Guinigi per la miglior storia breve (Best Short Story): Paul Appredista Tipografo, Michel Rabagliati

Gran Guinigi per la miglior storia lunga (Best Longer Story): Alias #1 -- Identita Segrete, Brian Bendis and Michael Gaydos

Gran Guinigi per il Miglior Fumetto Seriale (Best Serialized Comic Strip or Simply Comics Story): Monster, Naoki Urasawa

1 Concorso per Giovani Autori Money Money! (Young Authors Competition): Marco Gasparetti di Roma, "Zippo e la resa dei conti"

Gran Guinigi per il Miglior Disegnatore (Design): Andrea Accradi

Gran Guinigi per il miglior Sceneggiatore (Writing): Tito Faraci

Premio Speciale della Giuria per un Autore Completo (Cartoonist): Joann Sfar

Premio Speciale della Giuria ad un Autore che ha lasciato il segno e continua a farlo (sort of a Career Achievement maybe?): Massimo Mattioli (work pictured above)

Les Festival De Saint-Malo

Grand Prix (the festival's Grand Prize): Jean-Pierre Gibrat

Ballon Rouge (a prize for Young Author): Daphne Collignon of Le Reve de Pierre

Petit Robert (a prize for Scriptwriting): Olivier Jouvray of Lincoln
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