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June 20, 2005

Bruce Hamilton Passes Away


The publisher Bruce Hamilton died early on Saturday morning following an illness, according to a post by Mark Evanier on his newsfromme site. Hamilton is best known as the man behind the various comics and comics art companies eventually collected under a company bearing his name: Another Rainbow, which he started in 1981 with Russ Cochran and which was dedicated primarily to art related to the great Disney comics artist Carl Barks and the company that produced the 30-volume Carl Barks Libary; Gladstone, the primary home for comic book related to classic Disney characters and the most recognizable home for Disney related comic books in North America during the rise of the comic book direct market; Hamilton, which pursued a variety of entertainment licenses. I think of Hamilton as one of a generation of old-time comics fans whose passion and devotion to comics helped midwife the modern comics market; his treatment of the Disney comics were of a generally high quality.
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