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July 3, 2016

Bundled Extra: Bleach To End With 74th Volume

imageI'm tracking stories of fainting and other minor medical problems at Anime Expo due to the location of artists' alley just as I'm sure everyone else. If I have found a non-Twitter link to send you to someone's full article on that by the time July 4th festivities start, this will be the sentence that's highlighted. Either way, I'll return to it myself later on. I hope everyone's okay, and I hope satisfaction on the issue is pursued by those on the receiving end.

In the meantime, a straight-up publishing news story of note was made official in a debuting 73rd volume of the Bleach manga. The 74th volume of Tite Kubo's long-running series, the 74th, will be the last. The serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump, which launched the title in 2001, will apparently end this year as well -- one would have to imagine very soon.

An anime version ran for a big chunk of time, apparently 2004-2012, making Bleach one of the classic big-hit series as both comics and cartoon upon which a lot of the North American manga industry was built, and along with Naruto and One Piece one of the foundational refer-to titles over the last 15 years. The wikipedia entry for the series claims 84M+ copies sold... just in Japan.

Like many modern manga creators, Kubo's big hit came at a young age and he will not be 40 when it concludes. What he plans next is bound to be a significant item of interest.
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