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April 19, 2017

Bundled Extra: DC Announces Dark Matter Line

There's an announcement at EW about a new DC line called "Dark Matter" whose concept seems to be pairing big names with one another on new concepts for the DC Universe. It's a little weird in that pairing big names with one another on new characters seems like a philosophy not for a specialty imprint but for one comics line in general, and there's an element of a meta-dig at recent statements from the Marvel camp that artists don't really move the needle for the House of Ideas these days sales-wise.

I would imagine this might be a good idea coming from a different direction: distinguishing a small run of comics as "the comics you should buy" or even just sample in an era where there just isn't a sizable enough of an audience to make hits or even marginally successful comics out of all the comics published. If I think of myself as a consumer of these kinds of books -- and I'm really not, but I think I can manage that mindset -- I imagine I'd appreciate a small sample group of titles to purchase or at least check out as much as I tend to be baffled by serial comics generally.
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