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February 19, 2017

Bundled Extra: Editor Karen Berger Developing Berger Books Line With Dark Horse Comics

It was announced late last week via press announcement at this weekend's ComicsPRO gathering (I think) that Karen Berger, the founder of DC's influential Vertigo imprint, will develop a line of creator-owned comic books and graphic novels at Dark Horse. The line will be called Berger Books. You can read a bunch of very good articles perhaps structured after the very good David Hyde press release at places like PW.

Berger stepped down from Vertigo in 2012, and has taken on a number of eclectic freelance gigs since while kind of remaining the #1 free agent out there in terms of an editor with industry influence and no office with their name on it. A name like Berger's is increasingly important in comics as the North American market continue to surge forward with titles in a lot of different categories, comics that without a reason for folks to stop and look might appear on the racks briefly and fairly disappear.

In addition to bringing a great deal of talent -- most famously writing talent -- to English-language readers during her tenure with Vertigo, the imprint is also credit with providing a mainstream-comics weight and oomph to a lot of trends developed in comics during that period. Berger also seems personally well-liked to a significant degree by creators that worked with her before or merely read the comics she fostered into existence, so the talent roster she's able to assemble with Dark Horse backing her should be a fascinating story to watch.
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