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July 14, 2016

Bundled Extra: Frank Cho No Longer Doing Wonder Woman Variant Covers

I think this is pretty straight-forward, actually. The artist Frank Cho lost/was pushed from/pulled away from his gig doing variant covers for a big superhero property, Wonder Woman. The covers had a cheesecake feel of varying intensity inherent to the artist's work more generally, and their absence going forward may be partly due to the current writer not thinking they're a good match for the story he wants to be a part of making.

It's not censorship, clearly; it's how collaborative commercial art enterprises seem to work everywhere but comics, and mostly in comics, too. Further, I think that everyone deep down knows this, and that even for most people that want Wonder Woman cheesecake covers casting this as some sort of nefarious action is a rhetorical ploy that comes from a cynical rather than an honest place.

Mostly though, this is dumb! It's hard to believe this is worth anyone's time. I'm being lazy writing my own post, but I thought maybe I could get to something if I typed a bunch of words. I can't!

Variant covers are a potentially poisonous and certainly energy-diverting industry ploy that have an arguable positive as a content-driven "extra" on certain works. If the content being created here is a restrictively old-school sexed version of the character, that this is the value that needs added to the work, that gets weird no matter who likes it or not. I'm privileged in a way I still cringe a bit when people need corporate properties to be ennobling and heroic in their interactions with them; I have no patience at all for people that need them to be sexy or encompass some creaky-ass standard of three decades ago. Jesus Christ, the things we talk about.
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