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June 4, 2018

Bundled Extra: Frank Santoro’s Pittsburgh Has Debuted


Serge Ewenczyk of Editions çà et là wrote into the site about ten days to announce his company's publication of Frank Santoro's meditative new book Pittsburgh.

My understanding is that Santoro -- a mainstay of Dan Nadel's defunct Picturebox -- doesn't have a North American publisher right now so his relationship with the French-language press is his primary one now. I think that's something we'll see a lot more of. There's something worth noting in comics that there are so many publishers -- I would ask a bright newcomer try several other types of businesses before publisher if they wanted to work in comics -- and yet there are artists like Frank Santoro that seem totally deserving of that kind of relationship and are just lacking one.

The good news is that the pages sent along by Serge look intriguing. Pittsburgh is Santoro's exploration of how his parents went from being in love to not even choosing to recognize one another in a shared workspace. I like his approach to comics and hope as many people read his work as possible.



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