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July 18, 2019

Bundled Extra: Kevin Czap Collecting Four Years


I was happy to hear that Kevin Czap was going to collect Four Years through the Czap Books label. I admire the publisher and am twice as fond of the cartoonist; efforts in both areas helped Czap become the 2016 Emerging Cartoonist at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus. The new book should be lovely-looking, too, in full-color and at over 40 pages. I recommend any and everything you find on the site I sent along a few questions for something to read on this Comic-Con Friday and Kevin was nice enough to reply. -- Tom Spurgeon

TOM SPURGEON: Was it the plan to publish at this time, with this much material had been created? I'm always interested in the exact reasons things happen at one time over another.

KEVIN CZAPIEWSKI: I've been playing this one a bit by ear, making decisions as opportunity and necessity dictate. My original plan was just to serialize the story online, on my Patreon, and as mini-comics. Since there has been space available in the Czap Books schedule for the past several conventions, it made sense to use that chance to have my own work there. Over the past year I've released two issues of Four Years as small runs which are both sold out. I just finished the third issue and it ended up being more cost-effective to print them all together, and with SPX, CXC, and MICE coming up now would be the time to do it. It works out to being half of the overall story, and I think this package will give people a better overall experience.

SPURGEON: I know this has been a tough year for a lot of cartoonists; I think of our small press as a place for a lot of positives. How do things look from your perspective as a publisher, as a creator?

CZAPIEWSKI: Things have been pretty inwardly focused on both fronts for the past year or so as I work on making both my solo career as a cartoonist and Czap Books as an operation stronger and more resilient. I have a lot of worried thoughts about how the political atmosphere is dismantling some of the prospects of having a small business like this (for a minor example, I mean look at international shipping rates). Creatively it feels as exciting as it ever has, I'm seeing so much great work from newer names (new to me at least), and the cartoonists who I think of as being in my peer group are getting a lot of great opportunities. I guess my perspective in both cases is maturing.

SPURGEON: You had a really interesting statement or two about intergenerational differene and floated the argument at TCAF that it may be that younger cartoonists are due more respect. Is that fair, how would you like to see the broad range of cartoonists come together on those kinds of arguments?

CZAPIEWSKI: I'm not sure how true or fair it is, I just remember feeling that way at some point early on. When I pitched the panel I felt I didn't even need to necessarily be the moderator, it was just a conversation I wanted to see happen - a space to share perspective in good faith. To be perfectly honest, I've seen more good examples of how I wish things were in practice already than the opposite, which is usually just people sniping over Facebook. [Spurgeon laughs]

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