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February 8, 2016

Bundled Extra: King-Cat Joins Alternative Comics Co-Op


The alt-comics publishing co-operative Alternative Comics put out a release Monday saying that the iconic series King Cat Comics & Stories will be joining its line-up with the issue that came out last year, #75. That issue featured comics about the cat owned by creator John Porcellino for years, and appeared on several year-end list. It will now be available through Diamond Comics to bookstores and comic shops that buy comics that way.

I'm all for anything that gets Porcellino's series into as many hands as possible. Porcellino was such a crucial figure for the mid-1990s generation we sometimes forget he remains a potent, intriguing cartoonist and every comic he makes is of interest. That issue #75 I thought as good as any comic I read last year, and hope you'll seek it out if you haven't had the pleasure.
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