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August 18, 2016

Bundled Extra: Robert Kirkman To End Invincible Series

imageReported here. This was the first big hit series for Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman (working with the very talented Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley), and I believe a still-somewhat solid performer for a series of its age and independent pedigree.

I was not on the PR cycle that got this news directly, a distribution of the story mentioned in the linked-to piece. I always paid attention to that book, though. It also has a movie-worthy plot for its first few issues (I won't spoil it for you), but unlike a lot of hit modern comics I will remember that one mostly for the way it did something a bunch of people have tried to do in comics and failed outright: a stand-alone comic set in a believable and not-at-all second-rate seeming superhero "universe."

It also had this amazing thing going with bloody faces. Like 1960s comics with gorillas. It just worked for that title.

Anyway, the book still has some time to go, and I'm sure sticking the ending will be a priority. Ending the story soon feels right to this longtime reader, and I can't imagine too many of its loyal fans will complain.
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