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August 2, 2013

Bundled Extra: Sam Henderson Re-Launches; Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary This Fall

imageI can't quite get it to load, but apparently alt-comics veteran Sam Henderson has relaunched the site bearing the Magic Whistle name here. Henderson has a bunch of work coming out this late summer and into the Fall, including a new, 13th issue of the Alternative Comics mainstay. You can get a look at that material -- a collection of Scene But Not Heard and a zero issue of Magic Whistle here, which is a really good presentation of the material that was sent out last night/this morning. I'll cover it again in the next proper Bundled column, but I wanted to give you a heads-up on the web site in case you wanted to spend some time poking around over there this weekend. There's apparently a ton of color work.

I've always thought Henderson an interesting talent. I've always enjoyed his comics. What he does seemed really suited for the way the industry -- such as it is, was or will ever be -- was set up at one point where Nickelodeon could make use of his gag-making sensibilities and a regular comic book allowed not-overwhelming access into his mindset and world. When the two primary ways to get at cartoonists are on-line and on library/bookstore shelves, that seems a different matter. I predict a slight comeback over the next 36 months for the alternative comic book proper -- I've been predicting this for about seven years, mind you -- and if that's the case I think Henderson could potentially benefit.
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