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February 7, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* Gilles Roussel -- the prolific cartoonist working under the pen name "Pierre Boulet" -- talks about forthcoming projects and provides an informal history of French webcomics -- in this interview with Ao Meng.

image* Brigid Alverson has a nice piece up at PW about Jimmy Gownley coming to the end of his book contract with his Amelia Rules concept, and his future plans that include work that's not Amelia-related.

* this interview with Laura Park reveals two projects I didn't know about: a picture-book and a young adult's work. Any comics or illustration we get from Laura Park is a wonderful thing, I don't care what it is. She mentions her MOME work and short stories in general, which makes me wonder if an enterprising editor couldn't get into her publicly posted art and comics and combine it with the MOME material and whatever else is out there and we could have a Laura Park collection. Update: I've since been told she might have one in the works with Atomic Books, which would be great news, indeed.

* everyone but me -- and maybe you, so I'll mention it here -- already knew that Bleach is heading towards its conclusion. Sadly, I probably mentioned it on the blog at some point.

* DC apparently has some new kind of publishing initiative planned for this summer.

* Ken Eppstein wrote in to point out that Nix Comics has a new Kickstarter effort going.

* finally, I'm just now catching up to the fact that Bernie Mireault has a new, full-length graphic novel out: To Get Her. It's discussed here, and available in webcomics form here. I hope to have more on this in upcoming weeks.

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