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February 21, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


* here's good news that I didn't catch until after Chris Arrant at Robot 6 picked up on it: James Turner has a webcomic up and running called Hell Lost. Turner's a distinctive, intriguing cartoonist, one of those that seems ill-served by some of the current options available for publication but might have been flattered by the way things used to be.

image* the FPI Blog notes that Larry Marder has sketched out plans for the next installment of Beanworld. I think he's been moving in this direction since at least the ramp-up to last year's Stumptown festival, so it's good to hear that there are firmer plans for this material's release.

* I'm as happy to hear there is going to be a Ralph Wiggum comic book as I'm crushed to learn that he's somehow not a major character on The Simpsons.

* the artist Chris Samnee will be doing the Daredevil book for as long as they'll have him.

* not comics: some very classy shelf-porn (thanks to Gil Roth). That was probably intended for a Random News post, but I like to keep you folks guessing. Plus: lazy.

* the John Romita Artist's Edition was big; the Wally Wood book will be bigger.

* unless I'm missing something, it looks like the Savage Critics site has updated its right-hand column to reflect active and less-active critics participating there. I haven't done a whole lot of updates on various web sites in a while, which makes me wonder if we're in a pretty settled place as far as who's working where, at least for a while. Or maybe a bunch of stuff has escaped my attention.

* the writer Cullen Bunn and the artist Joelle Jones are teaming up for a horror book at Oni Press.

* Tom Neely will be working with Roger Langridge of some of that new Popeye stuff Langridge is writing.

* Brandon Graham has up the art he'll be using for the cover of Prophet #26, which is apparently his first solo outing with that relaunched title.

* Darryl Cunningham is holding in his hands a copy of his new book, which you will soon want to hold in your hands.

* Barry Blitt has illustrated a new children's book about young George Washington. That should be extremely attractive.

* the roll-out on the new edition of My Friend Dahmer seems to have begun.

* finally, Brigid Alverson suggests that plans for the digital release of Kimagure Orange Road to various places one can do that indicates that digital licensing of niche manga properties is something to which we should all pay attention. It makes sense to me that the availability of niche material should be an appeal of finding comics to read through digital means, but it seems like we're still pretty far away from that right now.

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