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March 3, 2010

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* the news site Comic Book Resources has IDW's announcement of various Dr. Who-related projects.

image* the big publishing news of the week to my mind is the redesign of independent stalwart Top Shelf's web site, and, much more importantly, their announcement of future publishing efforts that is stuffed to the brim with new books and old ones shifted around a bit. I think the most crucial is the announcement of five new series: -- Dragon Puncher, James Kochalka; Maddy Kettle, Eric Orchard; Monster On The Hill, Rob Harrell (cover image at top); Okie Dokie Donuts, Chris Eliopoulos; Pirate Penguin Vs. Ninja Chicken, Ray Friseen. When you combine that with a look at their "new faces" like the Jess Fink book We Can Fix It spotlighted with art in this starred entry, you really get a different picture of the company than you might have had just a month ago, a shift -- not all the way, just maybe in emphasis -- from stand alone works like Blankets to more series-oriented offerings like Owly.

* by the way, I stuck an image from Nate Powell's Any Empire on the bottom, just because I hadn't seen word of that one yet -- I probably did and forgot -- and the next Nate Powell book should be something to see after how well-received Swallow Me Whole turned out to be.

* I don't have the skills to coverage new manga publishing news -- not yet, damn it -- but this book from Tokyopop looks kind of cute.

* the Savage Critics web site has updated their look. Blaise Larmee and Trouble With Comics are among those comics-related sites moving to a new place because of blogging provider changes.

* if there is any way at all I or anyone within my limited range of influence can encourage Roger Langridge to make his next project something in the classic strip format, let it be done.

image* Oliver East has posted an entire issue of Trains Are Mint on-line for your reading pleasure. It looks like that may be the beginning of a new publishing strategy for that work as the note hints that the paper editions haven't done well.

* Bob Greenberger reveals the cover to The Essential Superman Encyclopedia.

* the comics news and business analysis site has details on Vertical's Fall 2010 of Ayako. Yes, please.

* this forthcoming cover to I think the last issue of the latest Green Lantern-related DC Universe crossover looks like a poster to the most demented musical ever to hit Broadway.

* finally, Family has copies back in stock of the most recent Treehouse Of Horror comic book, the one with all the talents from Kramers Ergot taking part.

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