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March 16, 2011

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: A Publishing News Column

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* Nate Powell has not one but two projects in the can: Any Empire will be out in July/August from Top Shelf; The Silence Of Our Friends will be out from First Second in early 2012. This post at Powell's web site gives the status on a bunch of a different projects.

* the Frazer Irving art in this extended Xombi preview looks quite lovely. No surprise there, of course.

* Groundwood Books and First Second have acquired Canadian/U.S. rights to a second graphic novel by the Skim team of Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki: Awago Beach Babies. It may be a while before we see it, but it sounds good.

* Comic-ish launches.

* here's one I bookmarked then promptly lost: a short publishing-news piece that indicates DC sees that first Superman: Earth One book -- the stand-alone graphic novel with Clark Kent in a hoodie -- as a success and a future publishing priority.

* the least surprising headline of the last 10 days or so. The negative aspects of this are all on the publisher, I think, or at least anything anyone sees are all on the publisher. As usual, there's more to this kind of thing than meets the eye.

* Kurt Busiek endorse Neil Vokes' Eagle.

* hey, there's a Vanessa Davis comic in the March/April edition of Psychology Today. Remember magazines?

* Brigid Alverson has a brief preview of another fantasy/pulp book from Dark Horse, with the usual sterling pedigree. I'm not certain how big an audience there is for work like that, but I tend to enjoy projects like that one when I get to read them.

* what the talented artist Sean Murphy is working on.

* DC has apparently announced its next sort-of big deal overriding comic storyline, and once again it sounds like an extended meditation on how awesome the DC superhero characters are.

* in case you missed it, Jim Shooter is blogging.

* another one I missed is here: the updated contributors' page at Tribune Media Service for the creators on their Dick Tracy strip: Mike Curtis and Joe Staton. Speaking of strips, here's a one-paper effort that's making the move to national syndication.

* finally Theo Ellsworth reminds us that he's hard at work on a comic called The Understanding Monster. Joseph Lambert has a work-related post up here on what various young cartoonists are doing.



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