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March 18, 2009

Bundled, Tossed, Untied and Stacked

* a bunch of you sent me this note about a new Hayao Miyazaki manga called Kaze Tachinu being serialized in a publication called Model Graphix. That seems like astounding news to me.

image* in things I wasn't asking after but am glad to hear about anyway news, there will be a collection of Pat Mills' Flesh this summer.

* the cartoonist Kate Beaton is finishing up a book that could be published as early as May.

* it isn't comics, but a lot of comics and illustration fans will be pleased to read this short article on a newly-published William Stout murals book.

* I still can't get anyone to spill the beans on what they're doing with The Comics Journal #300. I hope it's Trudeau, but I don't know why he'd decide to do an interview now so I'm thinking it's something else.

* so I guess has been down since November? I'd only been visiting to read Marc Sobel's stuff, which has moved here for the time being. Apparently, it's just a re-coding problem and the site really will return.

* based on the picture it's hard not to want this boxed set of Adrian Tomine's early work, even if you already have the component works.

* do a lot of manga titles go exclusive with one chain or another? I'm not sure what that would say about the state of the market, but unless it were absolutely flush -- and it's not -- my guess is that it would say it's competitive more than it is accessible.

* finally, this Michael Hudson interview with The Pulse provides a detail or two on a specialty imprint at Dark Horse Comics called Sequential Pulp Comics, which is a total mouthful. If you're like me, you were aware that Dark Horse was doing this kind of title and enjoying some success with them, but you didn't know they were all being gathered into a formal imprint.
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