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March 30, 2011

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: A Publishing News Column

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* Francois Vigneault wrote in to confirm that the second issue of Elfworld will be out for the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland. Contributors included Daria Tessler, Dylan Horrocks, Jeremy Tinder, Matthew Reidsma, Marek Bennett, Eve Englezos, Josh Moutray, and Vigneault. If you go here and pre-order, you'll get a small discount and the satisfaction of knowing you helped cover printing costs.

* I completely screwed up and didn't post a link to the big news that there will be a reintroduction of Sailor Moon and its preceding story into the comics market. Sailor Moon was either a key or the key manga in terms of the broadening of the market that took place making possible this last decade-long rush of enthusiasm for manga.

* this is big, big news in the book world and still pretty big news as it crosses over into the world of cartooning: unearthed Dr. Seuss.

* the critic David Brothers urges support for a few new and worthy comics, including The Comic Book Guide To The Mission.

* the prolific Sean Phillips is working on a science fiction album for Delcourt.

* did I remember to mention that Marshal Law apparently finally ended up at DC Comics? My bookmarks say, "No, no you did not." I have all of those comics, but a book collection would be nice, too.

* a report on C2E2 from about ten days ago focuses on plans at DC's Vertigo imprint. It provides some insight as to how they do series development right now. Brigid Alverson was nice enough to gather together some news of various projects that intrigue her and put them in a single post.

* speaking of big companies and their tendency to announce news of future publishing initiatives at cons, I'm not sure there's a lot of material that was announced at MegaCon, but I guess an announcement of a new Aquaman series qualifies. Aquaman seems to me one of those characters like Flash that's had a dozen or so series starts and stops, to the character's detriment, and with new series launches being up there with "killing somebody" in a limited toolbox to bump up a character's sales I'm not sure how they stop this trend of constant re-launches or if it's even possible for one of these new takes to catch on.

* here are covers to a few DFC Library books due this Fall.

* Sam Henderson extolls the virtues -- and the contributors list -- of the Kuti Kuti/Smoke Signal crossover from the Desert Island end of things.

* totally missed it: Michael Oeming and Warren Ellis are working together on a project. Speaking of Ellis, it looks like the Kickstarter campaign for a film about the writer has more than met its goals.

* and while we're on the subject of successful Kickstarter fundraisers, Mark Martin's was, so we can look forward to the result. This one called The Baku totally went over its suggested total, too.

* there is apparently an article on Chris Ware's ACME Novelty Library #20 in The Point "a nonprofit magazine devoted to accessible intellectual discourse operated by graduate students on the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago."

* this is coming to me right before I post this, so I can't give it as much attention as other sites, but Shannon Wheeler has signed a three-book deal with BOOM! That's a good match in that it provides Wheeler a more sophisticated entry into the Direct Market and gives BOOM! an anchor for their alt-comics pursuits.

* somehow I missed out on the fact that Grant Morrison has written a gigantic tome about superheroes. Luckily, this site has readers like Jay Babcock to pick up after it.

* finally, this interview at Comic Riffs with Matt Wuerker covers the editorial cartoonist signing with Universal as the primary syndicate for his editorial cartoon work. I don't have any sense if the recent Universal/United deal had any effect on editorial cartoonists or not, but this seems like a deal that exists in stand-alone fashion from recent goings-on. Wuerker's primary outlet is Politico.



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