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April 10, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* I like the idea of new Steve Ditko comics on a semi-regular basis, and I like the comics themselves.

image* Andrew Wales has posted the cover to his forthcoming book of art history comics.

* I think I forgot to mention that Brian Bendis has signed a book deal for a volume about the writing of comic books. That sounds about right to me: Bendis has had a pretty amazing career, and he's been teaching so I bet he's thought some of this stuff out.

* Matt Fraction and David Aja will re-team for a forthcoming series from Marvel. They worked together on the first chunk of the Iron Fist re-do from a few years back, the one where Iron Fist punched shit out of a train.

* DC is going to fold an anthology-type series into its line-up. That seems a good place to fold in characters that are fruitful licenses -- Looker, Kid Eternity -- but maybe not an easy sell to the comic book audience they've fashioned for themselves. I like Jeff Lemire's work and wish him luck with Kid Eternity, but that sounds like a really, really generic take on what is a fun character (a dead child that can raise other people from the dead). At this point, however, just about everything DC does is for someone other than me.

* Brad Guigar is trying out a downloads plan with his Evil, Inc..

* Sean Gaffney writes about new manga licenses announced at recent show.

* here's a big, long list of forthcoming work from over at Plastic Farm.

* Sean Gordon Murphy will do a six-issue series on a clone of Jesus turned child star for the Vertigo imprint.

* Johanna Draper Carlson has notes on the collection of The Line, a return to print for a classic manga publishing project, and those announced color Scott Pilgrim books.

* here's a facebook page for Geoff Grogan's Plastic Babyheads From Outer Space.

* finally, I am late to this cover image from this summer's League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen book, but I thought it attractive enough to post anyway.

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