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April 24, 2012

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* more proof that they're basically making comics specifically for me now: Library Of American Comics is going to publish a series of key storyline reprints from comics series that might not be able to handle gigantic archival volumes encompassing the entirety of their runs.

image* Floating World and Traditional Comics have announced their team-up to publish a limited, 1500-copy edition of Benjamin Marra's Drawings Inspired By The Motion Picture "American Psycho". The new publication will have three additional illustrations and a brand-new cover.

* if you take away one link from this post, let it be that a new, British-based small press publisher of promise has announced itself: Great Beast.

* manga, in summary form: 1)we have an ending point on Bakuman now; 2) Viz announces two new shojo licenses; Kodansha announces three.

* although it's already been covered here and in a ton of other places in "this is going happen" fashion, it's always nice to see a straight-up publishing story about a forthcoming work featuring creators and creations with the pedigree of Mike Baron and Steve Rude and their Nexus.

* Mike Dawson has pulled the plug on his TCJ Talkies feature over at The Comics Journal. It also looks like Matt Seneca has ended his column on sequences at Robot 6.

* Katherine Roy announced a second book deal with Macmillan. That's impressive.

* here's another DC trade that won't see publication, despite at one point that being the plan.

* I have to imagine that at some point or another most of us wondered if that previously-announced First Comics revival was still a thing. Based on a panel at C2E2 a few days back, it looks like they will be publishing. They won't be going through Diamond, which is interesting in a couple of ways. Frankly, it opens them up to accusations that without a strong alternative plan to get their books in front of readers this isn't really a big-time venture (they would likely disagree on both points); there's also something to be said for their general argument that Diamond simply doesn't serve certain kinds of publishers right now.

* you can't keep Rob Hanes down, either in the comics or as a comics venture.

* Hugh Hefner is moving the Playboy offices to Los Angeles. The magazine was an important entity in the world of 20th Century cartooning.

* finally, congratulations to emerging small-press publisher Domino Books on the publication of their third book, Difficult Loves.

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