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June 24, 2009

Bundled, Tossed, Untied and Stacked


* an announcement on the site of embattled entertainment company Wizard tells the reader all about new magazine/brand Funfare, but also lets slip that like the previously announced New York city convention project, this is something that will be published by Wizard founder Gareb Shamus, not necessarily the company with which he's most closely identified. This could be a mistake in the PR's wording, a sign that Shamus may be building a list of projects for a post-Wizard lifetime, or a kind of Schroedinger's long-boxed cat thing where such decisions will be made further down the line.

image* the columnist Bart Croonenborghs says that Drawn and Quarterly will publish an English-language version of Brecht Evans' Ergens waar je niet wil zijn in 2010.

* the writer/Hollywood producer Jeff Katz announces the first four titles for his comics company/license launch-pad project American Original.

* the Eric Shanower and Skottie Young Oz-related series for Marvel was enough of a hit there will be a round two. (image top)

* the writer Sean T. Collins is right: the forthcoming Criminal: The Deluxe Edition looks gorgeous. (image bottom)

* this bit of news is going to be way out of date by the time this post rolls out, but it's the best place for me to put it so I can find it later: the new creative team on the DC potential flagship title JLA is writer James Robinson and artist Mark Bagley.

* probably the big news of the week in terms of established properties is the acquisition of the Disney duck comics (and Mickey Mouse comics) by Boom! I can't imagine there isn't a huge wait and see element involved here given the current shape of the comics market and the success of these books over the last 30 years, but I also can't imagine a comics fans that wouldn't feel better with these comics having at least a little market penetration.

* in similar news Archaia has signed a deal with the Henson company for deals on established properties like Fraggle Rock and The Dark Crystal and for future co-created, co-branded comic books. It's hard for me to imagine there's much if any interest in Mirrormask comics and the like, but maybe I'll be wrong about that.

* finally, the Graphic NYC folks speak to future plans, including the book.

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