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November 17, 2010

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* Drawn & Quarterly announces that Big Questions #15 will be the last in that series and that the issue should be ready for debut at the forthcoming Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. If you go and buy one, you can celebrate the end of one of the last alt-comics pamphlet series, and the era when the debut of milestone issues in such series were a big deal about attending alt-comics cons. Plus you get to read the comic.

* that same posts mentions a collection of the 600-page story is due next Spring.

image* Sean Collins uncovers a cover image for Crickets #3.

* Viz has apparently picked up the Tenjho Tenge license, which I guess has been out there waiting for a new publishing partner since the dissolution of CMX. You may recall that Tenjho Tenge was the series that CMX published in a safe-for-network-television way, which infuriated its natural readership.

* I think I'm going to stop reading posts about serial comics month-to-month from DC Comics looking for a sign that anything's going to happen in a grand, editorial sense. In fact, I'm not even sure why I thought this would happen. It's looking more and more like they're just staying the course set out over the last few years, except maybe for the broad changes at various Batman and Green Lantern comics driven by their two powerful writers, in itself is a continuation of recent DC publishing policy. I'm not saying that's a bad set of choices -- what the hell do I really know about publishing superhero comics? -- just that for whatever reason I'd convinced myself there'd be a lot more discernible activity there, if only of the "let's do for Wonder Woman what we did for Green Lantern" variety.

* the french-language industry news clearinghouse has an article up profiling a new entry into the kids' comics market: Saikyo Jump.

* Dynamite is ending its Lone Ranger series with issue #25.

* the artist Dale Eaglesham on a Hulk comic makes perfect sense to me.

* the writers Brian Bendis and Mark Millar are teaming up to I guess kill the Spider-Man character in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book. On the one hand, I guess that's too bad because that's been a nice iteration of the character and a fine vehicle for what Bendis does well; on the other hand, this is comics, where death is an ailment rather than, well, death, and in general it's edifyng to see creators do whatever the heck they want to do with a line where doing whatever you want to do with the characters is supposed to be the driving principle. The post also mentions that the first volume of that series as collected has sold over 1 million copies for the publisher, further bolstering news that came out earlier this Fall that the Ultimate line is the company's best performer in bookstores.

* Mike Dawson launches into the final run of work on his Troop 142 story. Nothing little-kid sadder than the last day of camp.

* Paul Montgomery over at iFanboy discusses the latest X-Men within-series event, an alternate future story of a world without an X-Men team written by Mike Carey. As far as story ideas go, that one sounds serviceable to me.

* Brendan McCarthy is contributing art to a two-part Judge Dredd story, starting in 2000 AD next week.

* Tony Murphy is ending It's All About You roughly three years into syndication. It never quite caught on. That same post at Daily Cartoonist mentions that Murphy is still working on his Coffee Talk publication.

* King Features' Daily Ink service is raising its prices by 33 percent, although if you like reading comic strips on your computer I can't imagine that specific price jump will be a barrier. They're preparing to alter the service so that it may be more easily accessed from mobile devices.

* finally, Dan Zettwoch talks process on the just-out Tel-Tales #1, which is OTBP enough I think it's fair for me to mention it here. It's a collaboration with his dad, and looks great.

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