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November 24, 2010

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* over on Facebook, Tom Hart offers a first look at the forthcoming Hutch Owen collection Let's Get Furious. That was once announced for 2010 but now looks like a Spring 2011 release.

image* the talented Cliff Chiang has a panel up from a Lady Gaga one-pager he illustrated for December's GQ.

* Matt Dembicki is looking for submissions for a new comics project.

* Blank Slate is starting a new line of books called Chalk Marks, modeled somewhat on the Ignatz line shared by Coconino Press and Fantagraphics.

* Dynamite sent out a press release last Friday that they've secured the Warehouse 13 comics license. Warehouse 13 is a popular Syfy television show starring Saul Rubinek, for whom I've been a mark since Ticket To Heaven. I imagine its objects-driven high concept -- it's basically a TV show based on the final scene of Raiders Of The Lost Ark -- would lend itself to comic book supplementary stories rather easily.

* missed this one the first time around, but ANN had a brief piece up last week about multiple spin-offs from multiple manga features starting in December.

* the fact that Jason Shiga has a book out from Abrams and this is either the first I've heard about it or I've completely forgotten it was coming is exhibit A in why this site has to do much better job in 2011 and beyond. Self-drama aside, new Jason Shiga!

* I'm probably just old enough that the eminently logical phrasing surprised me a bit, but when I read this piece about Marvel's reviving its Marvel Greatest Comics program of cheap, single-comic on-ramp points for potential DM Customer, it jumped out at me -- only a little bit -- that the comics are designed to lead people to collections instead of ongoing series. That makes perfect sense, actually, but I still took notice of it.

* Marvel is doing an adaptation of Emma, one guesses primarily for the bookstore market. I've been told by a half-dozen folks these books do well for Marvel in that market.

* I've enjoyed every single interaction I've ever had with Larry Young and Jimmy Palmiotti, but this interview with Jason Netter about their Kickstart Comics project makes me wonder if this isn't another well-funded project seeking a middle-ground audience for a certain kind of genre comic, an audience that probably has to be developed rather than simply sold to. Getting into Wal-Mart is great, and there's a chance the work might connect with people there just because the work connects with people, but no one goes to Wal-Mart for comics and you can't just assume they'll start.

* the Washington Post Writers Group will be continuing the recent resurgent tradition of new-feature launches with Donna A. Lewis' Reply All in late February 2011. It has a slightly different look, which is perfectly appropriate for a syndicate like WPWG.

* first of all, I do this all the time. Second, this is the first time I've read -- well, that I've read and it's stuck -- that Julia Wertz is going to distance herself a bit from the Fart Party brand name.

* Sean T. Collins caught mention that totally passed me by of new Marc Bell book coming out in 2011.

* here's a bit of good news: Fantagraphics will be publishing Leslie Stein in 2011. Stein's comics have a real verve to them, and I think she could be good.

* finally, the writer Glen Brunswick of Killing Girl and Jersey Gods has started a blog in support of a new project, Dead Girlfriend. It's going to be one of the initial offerings on the slightly-delayed Comics Pipeline site.

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