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January 15, 2013

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

* Yam Books has announced a three-works 2013 in the form of books from Jeremy Onsmith, Sacha Mardou and Renee French. That's one mighty yam.

image* in one of the 18 billion items of news that came out while I was doing the holiday interviews and slightly freaked out that so much news was happening, Secret Acres will publish Capacity #8.

* here's a look at the forthcoming Rutu Modan.

* I hadn't heard of this book at all.

* Charles Soule will be the next writer on Swamp Thing. I'm not sure I know who that is, but I gotta imagine that's a pretty fun gig. Over here is word of a creative team change on a title called Red Hood And The Outlaws, which sounds like a Sinatra movie with Angie Dickinson. Here are a few more creative team moves at DC. I'm never quite sure what's going on over there, so I don't know how to read the context on stuff like this.

* new David Collier.

* here's some publishing news of the staffing variety: a position opening up at Graphic Universe, which is moving from New York to Minneapolis. I have to imagine there are about two dozen qualified people that might consider scrambling over mine-filled landscape for a solid, sturdy position like that one so hopefully they choose well.

* Titan Comics was super busy over the now strangely news-packed holiday season, announcing a creator-owned line and a publishing initiative with Dave Elliott. It's nice to see the Jack Katz First Kingdom material get another shot on the stands; that material might go over well with some of the science fantasy stuff that a lot of younger cartoonists seem interested in doing.

* Frazer Irving is an interesting comic book artist and were I in a shop I would pick up an X-Men comic and look at it if I knew he drew it.

* Sequential previews the new Joe Ollmann.

* the Morning Glories title will end its first cycle of stories with this Spring's #25 and has another one planned.

* in case you weren't already super-positive about 2013, Bill Kartalopoulos reminds that a new Kim Deitch book is on the horizon.

* Nix Comics is still offering its all-for-the-year special, accessible here.

* finally, venerable publisher Faber and Faber announced it has acquired UK and commonwealth rights to the forthcoming D+Q-published Gilbert Hernandez book Marble Season. Faber and Faber published Rowland Emett. That book is going to be something special: all the editions, not just this one.

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