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January 25, 2016

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News

By Tom Spurgeon

image* so this June I guess we'll have another stupid book from Lisa Hanawalt. It looks great, whatever, I give up.

* James Whitbrook takes a look at the return to comics for the Micronauts property. I really liked those toys when I was a kid, and I liked elements of the first dozen issues of the comic.

* Bien Vestido Press has opened for submissions according to the kinds of comics-makers they're looking to publish.

* Terry Moore has announced that Rachel Rising will end with issue #42. It's great that we get additional series from these creator that were so enmeshed with their initial, big hits.

* Avery Hill Publishing has released word of its 2016 Spring schedule. I can't find a link to this information, so here is their PDF with word of new works from Rachael Smith, Matt Swan and Tillie Walden and continuing work from two of their series. Spring16AHPPR.pdf

* Julia Gfrörer is curating an anthology.

* finally, Gary Reed has announced that Caliber Presents will return. That was a successful anthology that led to a more successful anthology, Negative Burn. Submission information through that link.
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