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August 17, 2015

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* one thing I did a horrible job of presenting to audiences in recent weeks is that next summer we get at least the first of two giant Queen Emeraldas books, which is from the very prolific 1970s period enjoyed by Leiji Matsumoto -- and, in turn, by millions of fans. Those will both come out from Kodansha USA. I'm not sure what that choice might represent in the context of licensing choices overall, but I know I've heard that this kind of comic being brought to Western audiences is much more likely now than maybe a few years ago. For that I'm grateful.

image* I am 87 percent certain this is a real book, and if I'm correct it will be worth reading because the very funny Jessica Campbell made it. If it's not, well, the cover made me laugh.

* this article by Shaenon Garrity puts into perspective how important this Fall's big series of Vertigo launches might be for the future of that imprint. With Fables gone there's not really a line-defining series hit the way there used to be, although I suppose American Vampire fills that role. Still, it's a reasonably bare slate compared to some of the stronger years the line has seen. I think there's still room in the market for long-running serial genre comics, Image has proven that. It's just whether or not that Vertigo provides an attractive enough deal to keep the best of those kinds of comics under their umbrella rather than somewhere else. I think they're pretty confident in the forthcoming book, though.

* this is about a month old, but I keep forgetting to post it: Marvel's going to take another shot at its Black Knight character. When I was a young comics addict, my drugs of choice were old X-Men and old Avengers issues, so I have a fondness for any character created by Roy Thomas and/or John Buscema, let alone both of them working together. I like the Stan Lee/Don Heck Swordsman character more, but I like this character, too. I basically like anyone that brings a sword to a fistfight.

* here's your next Best American Comics guest editor (Jonathan Lethem) and cover artist (Raymond Pettibon).

* DC is apparently going to give us the long-delayed Batman: Europa.

* I can't tell what this is that Matthew Southworth is working on, but I'm glad to hear that the talented illustrator will have new work out at some point.

* it only has a few comics in it -- I'm excited to see new Scott Gilbert -- but even if there no comics at all it would be nice to have alt-comics regular Robert Boyd back in publishing any way he wants to return: this time it's a magazine called Exu.

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