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September 2, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* nice preview write-up at Pitchfork on The Humans, from Keenan Marshall Keller and Tom Neely. I've done almost no writing on that one, and should have by now. The web site is here. They're doing a reasonably lengthy PR build for that title, complete with a self-published issue #0.

image* count Julia Wertz among the many comics makers that are preparing new work of some sort for SPX. I think that's mostly a healthy impulse for cartoonists, and it's such a great thing for consumers; it's hard to imagine any other art form where you might get a personalized miniature version of something in between larger works just because there's a show -- I guess this could happen with musicians. It'll be nice to see new work from Wertz.

* not comics: the Cartoon College DVD is still out there to be purchased. That's kind of like the opposite of news, so please forgive the indulgence. I'm not sure if the upgrade to a "where are they now" features is new or not; I'm thinking there was enough of a delay between filming and release that this was part of the initial release, but I could be wrong. I gifted that movie to a couple of aspiring artists who are in college now, and they both enjoyed it -- one was super-obssessive about it for a while.

* the artist and comics-maker Colleen Doran tweeted a panel from a forthcoming collaboration with the writer Warren Ellis, currently tabled.

* not one hundred percent sure I knew about this forthcoming Marc Bell book Stroppy from Drawn and Quarterly, but I've been really forgetful lately.

* Steve Sunu points to a Marvel trailer for one of their forthcoming event comics. I don't really get the event comics, for the most part. I'm an audience for the material, because I have a nostalgic interest in, general curiosity for and professional duty to read major superhero comics. What's been frustrating the last few years is not being able to just buy the comic with the name of the event without feeling left out. I'm not talking satellite comics, but comics that are apparently a part of the main narrative. The Final Crisis collection I have has a Superman comic I didn't know was necessary, and I was baffled by the charts accompanying that Avengers/violent space hillbillies series that came out about a year ago. It must work for them, though, and I'm in no position to give advice to Marvel on how to publish comics.

* I liked this blog post from the artist Jason Fabok on scoring the gig drawing the Justice League comic for DC. We forget sometimes with comics that aren't our personal favorites that these assignments or certain book deals are a big professional milestone for the people involved. We shouldn't forget that, but we do.

* finally, there's a nice write-up at ComicsAlliance on the latest books from Dark Horse that are derived from webcomics efforts: Murder Book, a second volume of Bandette and a second volume of Polar. They've done a nice job partnering with various webcomics cartoonists for several years, and it's a healthy part of their line.

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