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October 27, 2014

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* Bart Beaty says the publication of this Nick Sousanis academic work in comics form -- a book version of his dissertation -- is a potential big deal for comics. I believe everything Dr. Beaty tells me. We'll see it next Spring.

image* I'm coming to this about 1000 years late in Internet time, but there's a nice look at the cover for the first issue of the next Casanova cycle here. I liked the last cycle a lot, and have high hopes for the series moving forward.

* here's a gushing article about Archie's moves over the last few in terms of diversifying their extremely well-established house style. The suggestion in that article that pertains to this column is that we'll see more of these kinds of series from Archie in the future, and I suspect that's true.

* the CAB debuts are coming fast and furious now. Here's one from Michael DeForge. Here's the second issue of an anthology from Domino Books edited by founder/owner Austin English.

* Oliver Sava makes a case for not cancelling She-Hulk. This reminds me of when comic strip syndicates used to really welcome a new feature being dropped at a certain point in at least one paper so they can see if there's any pushback from local readers. It's not the same thing, but a quick look at the low issue numbers of every single Marvel title indicates that one month's cancellation is the next month's triumphant return. Sometimes literally so.

* here's an interesting, passionately argued piece from Janelle Asselin on how superhero publishers are failing kids by not making kid-friendly versions of their characters a greater priority. I'd love it if the kids that wanted to were able to read the vast majority of superhero comics and comics designed specifically for their age groups. I don't see what's gained by this not being the case. Then again, I'm not sure that the way these media companies are run that the publishing part of what they do is ever thought out in terms of audience development.

* First Second is laying down the advance-advance publicity on their English-language version of the Casterman-published Lastman series, to be called Last Man here. I think that work is very entertaining, so I'm all for it having a chance of hitting with North American comics-reading audiences. Longtime readers of this site know that I've always been a little baffled by the lack of a significant push for Last Man co-creator Bastien Vivès' more alternative-type comics work from an English-language publisher, although there have been isolated releases with I believe more to come.

* finally, Fantagraphics released the cover image for their forthcoming LB Cole book from Jacob Covey and Bill Schelly.

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