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January 16, 2017

Bundled, Tossed, Untied & Stacked: Publishing News

By Tom Spurgeon

image* creative team change with the Guardians Of The Galaxy property as it currently stands over at Marvel. It's not an area of my expertise, but as an occasional reader of all types of comics Marvel's scattered treatment of those characters post-hit movie seems a lost opportunity. It seems like one title with a sturdy creative team like this one would have been the way to go all along. I remember a Brian Bendis-involved comic and I remember the characters showing up in either Howard The Duck or Silver Surfer or something like that with Kitty Pryde and the Thing involved somehow, but I couldn't tell you what for or why.

* hey, NYRC is doing Yvan Alagbe's Les Negres Jaunes in English this Fall. Year: made. Well, the comics part of it, anyway.

* looks like DC is due to try a version of the Legion Of Super-Heroes again. I think that's one of DC's better concepts: "teenage superhero club in the future" seems right up there with "space cop with a magic ring" to me. It was so popular at one time that it tends to get smothered to death every time out, though. It should be an interesting test of the Rebirth editorial initiative: the "greatest elements thrown together" strategy would seem friendly to a Legion reboot, but it also seems like that might not take any concept far enough that needs more than its agreed-upon best version put out there.

* finally, seeing a listing for Roz Chast's New York book that has the volume coming out in October reminds me there's already been a really good feature on it.
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